Foie millefeuille jelly with quince and sauternes

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Development (foie):
leave the liver at room temperature until it is able to be worked on, devein it and add salt, pepper, sugar, nutmeg, brandy and port and let it marinate for 24 hours. Wrap it in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil, pressing really hard. After 24 hours, we put it in boiling water, turn off heat and leave it submerged in water ten minutes. Then cool it in ice water and reserve. Cut the foie into thin slices, half a centimeter.

Production (quince):
With a round cookie cutter cut the same diameter as the foie, cut the quince paste, and make slices the same thickness as the foie. 

Production: (Sauternes jelly):
Heat the Sauternes and add the gelatin previously hydrated in cold water, mix it and cool it.

Production (quince sauce):
Add twice the amount of water to cuts, boil it, crush it and strain. 

Finishing the dish:
We beat the gelatin until it is creamy and has got white color. Pour it into a mold base and let it cool. Meanwhile, assemble the millefeuille sandwiching slices of quince and foie; pot it into a mold and cover it with gelatin, allowing it to cool. Once cold, remove from pan and cut it in half, so as to see the layers. We put on the plate, add a little juice, quince dices and lettuce leaves.
2 brandy tablespoons
1 500-600 grams of duck liver
2 salt tablespoons
1 Small quince paste block
10 gelatin sheets of three grams
500 milliliters of sauternes wine
Quince paste cuts
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