Part of a balanced diet

Few people know the many benefits of regular consumption of quince, benefits also present in the quince jelly which, together with its ease of use and conservation, make it:
The snack of kids in the house
With crackers or nuts, quince confectionery recipes strengthen children during their games, classes and activities.
Sports supplement
The quince jelly can become a food that complements the energy demand of athletes before, during and after exercise.
In the diet of the elderly
The quince, as nutritious as tasty, is required in the diet of the elderly with no appetite or with chewing troubles. In case of diabetes, overweight or triglycerides, is better to choose the quince paste with more fiber and no added sug
And of course, the quince is great for all people, regardless of their age or physical activity, who want to have a healthy and balanced diet eating food rich in vitamins, fiber and highly beneficial properties for health.
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