Manufacturing Process

The Quince La Gondola is manufactured following master recipes used by its founder and that have been passed on from generation to generation until the present day.
Everything begins in quince plantations where every year in September, the fruit is hand-selected from the tree at the time of perfect ripening.
In the factory, the fruit are again classified by specialists who remove the ones which do not meet the quality requirements of the brand.
The selected quinces are peeled and separated from their cores in order to prevent the pieces of fruit from having black spots. Another way is to grind the whole quinces with core and skin. The large number of black spots that occur can be concealed by sifting the quince pulp very finely. This action causes the final product to have less taste, and to be of a poorer quality and of a darker colour. Obviously this is not our way of working. Our determination for producing a quince jelly of the highest quality leads us to keep only the best of each fruit.
The quince is boiled for its manufacture. It is a short process since its objective is to sterilize the manufactured product, evaporate the excess of water, cook the fruit and make a homogeneous mixture of sugar and quince.
According to standards published in the Official Gazette dated 30/11/1984, page 2734, two qualities are defined, differentiated according to the following quality factors:
crema de
Extra Quality
Selected quince cream, light color, typical dirt free quince flavor, plant debris and no more than 2 seed envelopes (dark spots) per 100 grams of product.
crema de
First Quality
Quince current type, reddish-brown color, acceptable flavor, with some impurities such as seeds, other fruit (skin) and envelope amount of seeds (black spots), up to 50 speckles per 100 grams of product.
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